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Migrating TestManager > Rational Quality Manager

Posted by Matt Archer on June 25, 2008

I attended a webcast last night on the new IBM Rational testing product (Rational Quality Manager, or RQM for short) and one of the questions on everyones lips was if you are an existing IBM Rational customer with existing IBM Rational testing tools, what is the upgrade or migration path.

To cut a long story short, Rational Quality Manager will be able to import test assets from Rational TestManager (TM) Rational ClearQuest TestManager (CQTM) and Rational Manual Tester (RMT). As I understand it, this will be an import tool, rather than a synchronisation tool, so once you’ve moved your test assets across, I imagine most people will then look at gradually retiring TM, CQTM or RTM and solely use RQM. There will of course be exceptions, like people who have heavily customised the CQ part of CQTM to do something unique.

This is one of the first things I plan to test on July the 7th when the Open Beta for RQM is released, but if the dev team have put as much effort into the migration tool as they have into the fancy new web 2.0 interface, then I’m sure it’ll be fine… famous last words 🙂


4 Responses to “Migrating TestManager > Rational Quality Manager”

  1. Just a quick correction – no decision has been made whether the data import tool will be an import or synchronization. The engineering team is currently evaluating the effort required and the customer preferences. If annyone has input, please use the Quality Manager forums to have your voice heard:

  2. Thanks for the update Brian.

  3. The RTM to RQM Migration tool will convert all assets in TestManager to nearest matching in RQM.
    This is a one time migration, however you can overwrite the assets in RQM by doing re-migration from TestManager.
    The basis of migration is to allow TestManager users to start in RQM where they left in TestManager.
    The migration also includes integration with
    1. RequisitePro with capability to map to Reqpro Web server connected to RQM server
    2. Defects in CQ
    3. External documents

    Pramod K Chandoria

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