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Edit Tests Online with Rational Quality Manager

Posted by Matt Archer on June 25, 2008

I’ve been involved in a few test tool evaluations in my time and every place has a different set of prioritised needs. This said, there are some common features that tend to bubble to the top of most people’s list, like a small installation footprint, on-line authoring of test cases and easy access to those test cases for people who are not a member of the core project team. With existing IBM Rational test tools like Rational TestManager (TM), Rational ClearQuest TestManager (CQTM) or Rational Manual Tester (RMT), whichever way you cut it, the answers to these questions are no, no, no 😦

But if you are about to undertake a test tools evaluation, I recommend taking a look at IBM Rational Quality Manager ( due to be released into open Beta on the 7th of July 2008 ) before you buy HP / Mercury Quality Center or Compuware QACenter because if you ask the same questions the answers are yes, yes, yes 🙂

I’ve only seen demo’s of Rational Quality Manager’s Web 2.0 test case authoring capabilities so can’t comment too strongly until I get my hands dirty (I’ll re-post once the open beta is released). What I can say for sure is that the way Rational Quality Manager supports a tester in authoring and executing test cases will be a make-or-break feature. After all, testers spend the majority of their time testing – writing tests, running tests and analysing test failures to help isolate any bugs they find… And who wants to use a tool for much of their working day whose primary feature isn’t A1 perfect? Not me.


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