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Integrating Rational Quality Manager with Jazz?

Posted by Matt Archer on June 26, 2008

I’ve been asked this question a couple of times this week, so thought the topic was worth a post to clear up the confusion. IBM have put a lot of marketing cash into advertising “Jazz”, but interestingly if you were to phone up your local friendly IBM Rational Sales person and ask to buy “Jazz”, you couldn’t. Instead, you would be offered one of the new Jazz-based tools, one of which is IBM Rational Quality Manager.

So the answer is… there is no integration setup! Because Rational Quality Manager could not exist without Jazz and there would be no reason for Jazz (or to give it its full name, the Jazz Team Server) to exist unless tools like Rational Quality Manager were built upon it. If you want all the techy details about how Jazz works, you’re best looking on

A lot of the Jazz-based tools are only just being released, like Rational Team Concert and Rational Requirements Composer, whilst others are still in the Rational Labs and may never see the light of day like Rational Financier, Rational Tempo, Rational Ensemble and Rational Governor. You can see some early screenshots here.

IBM Rational Jazz Team Server with Rational Quality Manager, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert & Others


7 Responses to “Integrating Rational Quality Manager with Jazz?”

  1. SunSunich said

    good post, but here is another question: how do i integrate RTC with RQM?

    • vijay said

      Setting up cross-server communication with Rational Quality Manager

      This topic describes how to set up communication between IBM® Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Quality Manager so your users can create and track work items in Rational Team Concert using the Rational Quality Manager user interface.

      Note: Before you begin, do the following:

      Start the Rational Quality Manager server and then start Rational Quality Manager.
      Start the Rational Team Concert Jazz™ Team Server then start the Admin Web UI.
      Verify that you can log in to Rational Quality Manager from the machine hosting the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server. Likewise, verify that you can log in to the Rational Team Concert Admin Web UI from the machine hosting the Rational Quality Manager server.
      To set up integration with Rational Quality Manager:
      In Rational Quality Manager, request access to the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server.
      In Rational Quality Manager, click Admin, and then click Jazz Server Administration.
      Click Cross-Server Communication.
      For the Title, type the name that you want to use to identify the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server.
      For the Jazz Team Server URI, type a public URI that can be used to access the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server, for example, https://9.12.345.67:9443/jazz or https://rtc1:9443/jazz.
      For the Root Services URI, verify the public URI that can be used to access root services on the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server, for example, https://9.12.345.67:9443/jazz/rootservices or https://rtc1:9443/jazz/rootservices.
      For OAuth Secret, enter a code to be associated with the new OAuth consumer key of the server.
      Note: In this step you do not enter the actual key; you enter a shorter phrase that will be associated with the actual key.
      Re-type the OAuth Secret code phrase.
      Click Trusted if you wish to designate the Jazz Team Server as a Truster consumer.
      Trusted consumers will be able to share authorization with other trusted consumers and will not require user approval to access data.

      Click Request Access.
      The following message is displayed:

      Authorize Provisional Key

      The provisional key you requested needs to be authorized by an administrator on the other server: 9fa4a74348d94226bfdb64d40c82ce78

      If you are an administrator on the “https://servername:9443/jazz” server, you can Grant access for the provisional key.
      In the Rational Team Concert Admin Web UI, approve the request from Rational Quality Manager.
      Click the Server tab and then click OAuth Consumer Management.
      Under Authorize Provisional Keys, note the Provisional Key that Rational Quality Manager requested and then select Approve from the Authorized list.
      Click Save.
      In Rational Quality Manager, click Advanced Properties.
      Search for the text public uri and enter the Rational Quality Manager server as the value for the property, for example, or https://rqm1:9443/jazz.
      Click Save and then restart the Jazz Server.
      Repeat Steps 3, 4, and 5 on the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server, entering the Rational Team Concert server URI as the value.
      Set up the linkage between your Rational Quality Manager project and the Rational Team Concert project. After you set up this linkage, the work items that users create in Rational Quality Manager will be stored in the corresponding Rational Team Concert project area.
      In Rational Quality Manager, click Admin, and then click Jazz Project Administration.
      Click to open the project that you want to configure.
      Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the Links section, click Add to link to a project on the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server.
      The Add Link page opens along with a prompt to log in to a project area on the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server.

      Type a user ID and password with Administrator privileges on the Jazz Team Server and click OK.
      In the Add Link page select Tests as the Link Type.
      Under Target: Server, you will see the name of the Title that you used for the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server in Step 1c.

      Under Service Providers, you will see a list of projects on the Rational Team Concert Jazz Team Server.

      Select a project and click Finish.
      After you complete these steps, Rational Quality Manager users will be able to create and track work items that are saved in Rational Team Concert.

  2. Thanks Sun,

    Your question came up at a demo I was at couple of weeks ago. The answer was that at present there is no link between RQM and RTC. One suggestion that was made was to use the RQM-to-ClearQuest adapter to push items out of RQM to ClearQuest and then use the ClearQuest-to-RTC adapter to suck them from ClearQuest into RTC. This has got to be a short-term tactical solution, but for how long I don’t know. I’m assuming not for very long because it doesn’t make sense to build a tools collaboration platform like Jazz and then use a legacy tool like ClearQuest as a bridge instead. It’s one of the topics on my list for further investigation when the Beta arrives on the 7th of July so I’ll try to post some more detailed in a couple of weeks.

  3. SunSunich said

    Thanks Matt, now its clear for me. But i found the solution some tricky, if we talk about jazz, why i still need CQ?
    BTW: is there an ability to perform synchronization between jazz servers, like it was in CQ multisite? Or its just “only one server” technology?

  4. It sounds tricky to me too, Sun.

    I see using CQ as a workaround rather than a solution. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to rush into using CQ to integrate RQM and RTC as I don’t think it will be long before a direct RQM-to-RTC connector will be available… but don’t hold me this 🙂 If RQM-to-RTC integration is something you’d really like to see, I recommend talking directly to IBM as they will be able to provide the most accurate picture of the RQM roadmap. I understand that a Developer Works Forum has been setup to capture comment and new feature request, so you may like to submit something there as well.

    In terms of synchronising Jazz servers, I haven’t heard anything about this, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. You may find someone on the Jazz Community Forum who can shed some more light on the subject. You will need to register at to be able to see the forum.

  5. SunSunich said

    Thanks again.
    About synchronization: i have reply from Jean-Michel Lemieux: “For RTC 1.0, we don’t have support for synchronizing different repositories. For example, flowing change sets or work item between repositories.

    In the short term, the best I can offer is an article on how you can manage 3rd party vendor code so that one remote team can consume several source drops from another team and build upon it.

    Jazz Source Control Team”

  6. Cool. Thanks for the info Sun.

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