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The future of Rational RequisitePro, Requirements Composer & DOORS

Posted by Matt Archer on June 30, 2008

Just how many requirements tools does IBM need? A question I’m sure many people have been asking themselves over the last couple of weeks since IBM Rational announced its latest wave of tools, including Rational Requirement Composer (their latest offering in the requirements tools space).

After these types of announcements, you can guarantee that before the week is out, rumors are spreading about the future of existing tools, which in this case mean a number of theories about the future of Rational RequisitePro and DOORS (a new addition to the Rational portfolio after the recent acquisition or Telelogic).

So if you are an existing RequisitePro or DOORS customer, what can you expect from IBM Rational over the next couple of years? This presentation from IBM gives a pretty good overview.


One Response to “The future of Rational RequisitePro, Requirements Composer & DOORS”

  1. […] See here for more Jazz screenshots and this blog post for more info on the future of RequisitePro and Doors […]

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