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Rational Quality Manager Beta Now Available

Posted by Matt Archer on July 6, 2008

The download link for the IBM Rational Quality Manager Beta is now available!

I downloaded it yesterday and at around 490MB it didn’t take too long.

I now have a week off work 🙂 so RQM gets to sit happily in my download folder for a week until I return from holiday on the 14th and install it.


6 Responses to “Rational Quality Manager Beta Now Available”

  1. John Matthews said

    Hi Matt, on which date will RQM become GA? (we would like to use it on an internal IBM project)



  2. Hi John,

    From what I understand, RQM will become a 1.0 version and be GA sometime over the next few months (i.e. Q3 or Q4 of this year), but I couldn’t make any guarantees. You may like to repost your comments on this blog or this forum to see if you can get a more accurate estimate.

    Hope that helps,


  3. Vembu said

    I installed RQM but I am not able to login. Please let me know the Username and Password to login/First Login. – Thanks.

  4. Hi Vembu, the administrator account for the beta is username:ADMIN, password:ADMIN (both are case sensative).

  5. Vembu said

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your reply. I am trying the RQM with Internet Explorer 6.x but RQM is not getting opened with IE (Even login page). Please let me know that is RQM supports IE (It is working fine in Firefox) or I need to configure anything.

    Thanks – Vembu.

  6. Hi Vembu,

    The current beta version of RPM doesn’t support IE, just firefox.

    It sounds like a new beta is due soon, which may have IE support. Failing that, I assume the first GA release will support IE, if that’s the browser you want to run it on.



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