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Software & Systems Quality Conference Highlights

Posted by Matt Archer on October 1, 2008

I’ve just got back from two good days at the UK Software & Systems Quality Conference.  After speaking myself (you can download the slides from here) on Monday morning I then had the rest of the conference to catch up with old friends and listen to what the other speakers had to say.

There was a large number of talks this year related to outsourcing and centralising testing.  Many of which were companies sharing their own experiences, which suggests that this is a trend already well underway and being driven by IT departments rather than outsourcing or process improvement organisations.  The best centralising testing talk that I attending was delivered by Mark Mitton of Lloyds TSB.  He’d clearly delivered a huge number of benefits since centralising testing at Lloyds TSB, but still has plenty of ideas for improvements in the future.  The best outsourcing talk I attending, without doubt, was delivered by Andrew Brammer, who is Head of Systems Development at Allen & Overy.  For those of you that don’t know, Allen and Overy are an international legal practice and whilst their testing experiences are in their infancy (something that Andrew quite happily acknowledged), it hasn’t stopped them creating an extremely effective outsourcing framework based upon risk and reward.  I guess that suggests that if you want to outsource testing, its better to be a law-guru than a testing-guru 🙂

Richard Noble‘s keynote speech on the second morning was also extremely good.  It’s interesting that many of the reasons he gave for being successful closely align to many of the practices that are promoted in software development today.  Similar to how Lean has made the transition into software development, maybe Richard could create his own software methodology too – Supersonic Software Development 🙂

Finally, thanks must go to Julie Wells and the rest of the conference team for organising the event.  Everything run to time and most importantly, the food and drink was superb.


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