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“The Tester” – Call for Articles

Posted by Matt Archer on October 7, 2008

Last week I started a new role as Editor for “The Tester” – An online magazine published every 3 months that focuses on software testing and quality assurance. You can view past editions here.


In a typical edition, you will find:

important announcements from the testing community;

programme information and dates for future SIGiST Conferences;

articles covering everything from case-studies to cutting edge research.


And it is the articles section where anybody from the world of testing can submit material to be included. If you have a testing story you would like to share, a test technique you would like to evangelise or testing research you would like to publish, then this is the place to do it.


What’s in it for me, you may ask? “The Tester” is read by a wide audience from testers and test managers to consultants and trainers, so there will be plenty of people interested in your material – You may even find someone to collaborate with in the future. You will also have the chance to present your material at a future SIGiST conferences and talk face-to-face with your peers in the industry.  “The Tester” recently won the British Computer Society (BCS) Best Specialist Group Magazine award, so you will also be able to tell your friends, colleagues and future employers that you have been published in a award winning magazine!


So don’t hold back, get working on your material today. If you’re not sure whether your material is ready for a wider audience, feel free to send me what you have or a brief abstract / introduction and we can work from there.  My email address (displayed as a picture) is…


2 Responses to ““The Tester” – Call for Articles”

  1. K Gething said

    At the time of writing this comment (Aug 19th 2009)there appears to be stray code squatting in this blog entry e.g.

    Who test’s the tester’s blog 🙂

    • Good question! I guess other tester’s test this tester’s blog 🙂

      I’m sure it wasn’t like that when I first posted it, but hopefully it should be fixed now 🙂

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