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Software Quality Conference – Dublin, 4 Mar 2009

Posted by Matt Archer on January 29, 2009

In a little over a month I will be visiting Ireland to speak at the Irish Software & Systems Quality conference, in Dublin. It will be the first time I have visited Ireland, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit of sightseeing whilst I’m there.

My talk is about how much documentation we need as testers. You can find the abstract here.

If you’re interested in coming along you can register here.

As a speaker I can get a limited number of delegates a 20% discount. Contact me if you’re interested.


2 Responses to “Software Quality Conference – Dublin, 4 Mar 2009”

  1. Mark Irvine said

    Hi Matt,

    I attended the Software & Systems Quality Conference today, and I very much enjoyed your presentation on Context Driven Test Documentation. The subject of just how much detail is right in a test case is something that as a tester I did not understand and found it difficult to follow a consistent approach when deciding on the right level of detail. Later, when a I began to understand this a bit more, and I moved into a role of Test Lead I then found it difficult to explain this to others why it mattered, and how to determine the right level.

    The thinking framework you provided today is something that will form a part of my personal testing approach and I intend to use your framework as a teaching tool for others. Don’t worry, I promise to give you credit!

    Many thanks for sharing this.

    – Mark Irvine

    • Thanks Mark,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation – it’s one I always enjoy presenting.

      By all means, please feel free to use it as a teaching tool for others. You should find the slides from the presentation are on the memory stick from the conference, but if not, you can download them from the IJI website here.

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