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Goodbye Ivar Jacobson, Hello Express Software

Posted by Matt Archer on December 4, 2009

As many people are already aware, I have left Ivar Jacobson International to offer my services (and the services of a few close associates) to organisations on a freelance / contract basis.

We will trade under the name of Express Software Ltd and I am pleased to say that work is already successfully underway at our first client – a niche finance company that builds software to monitor the health of defined benefit pension schemes by performing sensitivity analysis on the underlying assets and liabilities.

With my new Head of Marketing hat firmly on, I’ve updated my About Page to showcase the organisations that have paid for my services in the past.  It currently stands at a respectable 20, with some impressive boasts across a number of different market sectors.

Finally, I couldn’t write this post without at least one shameless tout for new business.  If you have worked with me in the past and would like to work with me again, or like the sound of the ideas in this blog and would consider a contract resource to help with their introduction, please feel free to contact me on my new email address (shown below as an image to avoid the spam).


3 Responses to “Goodbye Ivar Jacobson, Hello Express Software”

  1. Congratulations, Matt! Good luck in your new job!

  2. Varun Sharma said

    Best of Luck!!


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