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Tips for manual testers working in an agile environment

Posted by Matt Archer on January 3, 2013

Those of you that are familiar with my blog will know that the majority of my posts tend to be quite lengthy. I like writing this way, but I have decided to break from the norm and publish a series of shorter posts that focus on a question that I encourage manual testers working in an agile environment to frequently ask themselves. That question is;

How can I provide meaningful, quality related feedback, faster through predominantly manual, human-driven, activities whilst maintaining independence, diligence and predictability?

The question is deliberately process agnostic and designed to encourage fresh ideas and creative thinking rather than point towards a specific set of guiding principles. That said, I regularly find myself making similar recommendations to different teams and it is these recommendations (or tips) for manual testers working in an agile environment that I plan to share over the coming weeks.

Even though I intend each post to focus on a specific idea, my intention is to leave it to the reader to decide how that idea can / should be implemented in their specific project. My aim is a post per week. Let’s see how we go.

A list of the posts that have been published so far can be found below.  If no post are visible below, please click here.


3 Responses to “Tips for manual testers working in an agile environment”

  1. lkafle said

    Reblogged this on lava kafle kathmandu nepal.

    –MA: Thanks for the re-blog. Matt.

  2. jlottosen said

    In Denmark – #woot, have to see if I can get there

    -MA: Thanks Jesper, it would be good to see you there. Matt

  3. Its really a good idea,that articles to be short and simple.


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